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Image for 10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn from Your Cat

10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn from Your Cat

By: Joanna Sandsmark

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Hamlyn, April 2005,

Do we rush through life without noticing our surroundings? Do we spend enough time caring for our own basic needs and comfort? Take a page from the feline playbook to keep you purring. By mimicking the behavior of the cats that share our homes, we can develop fuller, richer spiritual lives. From the patterns of play, to the need for sleep, to finding joy in the smallest of things, cats show us how to reach inside ourselves for higher goals, a less stressful life, and a n... View more info

5-minute retreats for women

By: Sue Augustine

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Eugene, Or. : Harvest House Publishers, c2001.,

The perfect solution for women who feel stressed, overcommitted, or "out of balance," "5-Minute Retreats for Busy Women" gives readers permission to experience simple pleasures that will brighten their day and renew their spirits. Sue Augustine, author and internationally known conference speaker, encourages readers cultivate a relaxed, peaceful spirit by: savoring the unique smell of favorite foods, crayons, flowers, freshly turned soil creating an inspirational tape of... View more info

Image for A Christmas Filled With Miracles

A Christmas Filled With Miracles

By: Mary Ellen

Price: $6.50

Publisher: Conari Press,

Christmas and miracles go together like holly and ivy. Mary Ellen, who collected hundreds of stories of real-life miracles in her book Expect Miracles, taps that reservoir again to create this magical, mystical gift for the holiday season.Some stories will bring tears, others are delightful and funny, and still others defy logic, daring readers to believe. All of them speak to the flame of hope that lives in everyone. View more info

A Thousand Paths to Tranquility

By: Baird, David M.

Price: $4.00

Publisher: M Q Publications,

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As a man thinketh

By: Allen, James W.

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books,

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Image for Better Than Sex

Better Than Sex

By: Cheung, Theresa

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Conari Press,

She wondered "What if I could devour life with the same commitment and passion with which I devour chocolate?" After much thought and a good deal of taste-testing, this guide to a richer life was born. View more info

Breath of heaven

By: Amy Grant

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Nashville, Tenn. : W Pub. Group : c2001.,

Inspired by the tender sentiment of the now classic "Breath of Heaven," this book is filled with classic artwork and stunning contextual visuals that bring to life the lyrics of this popular song. For readers to experience the full power of this classic song, a CD Amy Grant's recording will be included in the back of the book. Also included is a foreword by Amy providing additional devotional thoughts surrounding the heart of this unforgettable song. A stunning Christ... View more info

chicken Soup for the teenage Soul Journal

By: Canfield, Jack

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Scholastic,

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Classic Optical Illusions

By: Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Main Street,

DO NOT believe everything you see, because these amazing, astounding, seemingly impossible illusions can "fool" your eyes. Open up this collection to view a wondrous array of optical effects: specks seem to move, grey spots appear and disappear, circles gyrate, patterns pulsate, and straight lines wave and bend. Shapes and drawings keep you from distinguishing what's there, and make you perceive things that aren't. Objects appear different from a distance than they do cl... View more info

Image for Don't sweat the small stuff for men

Don't sweat the small stuff for men

By: Carlson, Richard S.

Price: $4.00

Publisher: New York : Hyperion, c2001.,

Over the past five years, Richard Carlson has shown countless families, lovers, and workers how to live in a more calm and productive manner. Now he turns his attention to men, with numerous simple strategies and life lessons that blend humor, warmth, and uncommon wisdom. Carlson invites men of all ages to enjoy the benefits of simplification and discover what so many of us already know: that its a stressful world out there, but it doesn't have to be. View more info

Image for Don't sweat the small stuff-- and it's all small stuff

Don't sweat the small stuff-- and it's all small stuff

By: Carlson, Richard S.

Price: $6.00

Publisher: New York : Hyperion, c1997.,

Braille edition of the popular bestseller. "Let go of the idea that gentle, relaxed people can't be super-achievers," advises Dr. Richard Carlson in his widely popular self-help book, DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. In 100 chapters--each only a few pages long--Dr. Carlson shares his ideas for living a calmer, richer life. This book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 38 weeks and is No. 3 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list. Two small volumes in braille. View more info

For She Is the Tree of Life

By: Kack-Brice Ed

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Fine Communications,

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Friends: An Illustrated Treasury of Friendship

By: Courage Books

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Courage Books,

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Image for Girlfriends


By: Berry, Carmen Renee

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Berkeley, Calif. : Wildcat Canyon Press : c1995.,

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God's Little Devotional Book for Mothers

By: Honor Books

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Honor Books (OK),

These charming devotional books are as much a feast for the eyes as they are the heart As you've come to expect from Honor Books, each uplifting reading combines the pairing of practical wisdom and Scripture with an inspiring devotional story. But that's not all; now we've added beautiful four-color artwork to create a spectacular new look. Women everywhere will adore these lovely and thoughtful gift books. View more info